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DEMI is a leading designer and manufacturer of a wide range of R.F.Co-Axial Connectors


The Company at present manufactures

  • R.F. Co-axial connectors N, BNC, TNC, SMA, UHF etc. series.
  • Wave guide sections up to 2.5 meter length
  • WR 229, WR 137, WR 90 WR 75, WR 62
  • WR 51, WR 42 & WR 28 Wave guide
  • Wave guide flanges Round, Rectangular grooved And Choke type
  • Wave guide to Co. Axial Adapters
  • Transitions 900 Twists
  • E & H Plane 900 Bends
  • Straight Wave guide With Flange
  • Filters-Bend Pass cavity Type etc.
  • Feeds-For Antenna Parabola & Offset S Band, C Band, extended C Band, Doul Port Feed KU Band etc.

The Company is located In Ahmedabad Shahibaug Area and Is fully equipped with modern workshop and Highly Sophisticated WILTRON-H.P. Net Work Analizer. Test set up for testing VSWR, Insersion loss. Isolation etc parameters of passive microwave components up to 18 GHz.

The company supplies to Broad Cast. DOT, Defence, Research Centres, Electronic Industries etc.

Mr. Ramnikbhai M. Panchal has (Ex. I.S.R.O. Scientist Engineer) 30 years experience of Microwave Components Manufacturing.

Mr. Suresh & Mr. Mahendra, Sons of Mr. R.M. Panchal have a major contribution in the development of  this esteemed firm.